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mako - luccas lyrics


the price of freedom is steep

stack a band
do a ten
i got like four, five men
you’s an end
i’m breaking pads
i can’t keep up with my pen

[verse 1]
i got too many thoughts about death and the meaning of life
i’m lost, like cloud strife
i got mine mixed up with mine that died
it give me the ppg to get american pie
i’m f*ckin’ icy, where my cool pack?
give me a kool*aid and ’bout eight racks
i could body any n*gga on an eight*track
rob me, get stabbed, that’s payback, lil’ b*tch
rob $tone get mismatched, lil’ b*tch
ngk could really get his chain sn*tched
n*ggas get it off me till they od
eat it or beat it, my n*gga, she been on me
i couldn’t switch genres over disses from an og
i’m untouchable, you n*ggas under me
wild, i’m only seventeen
wanda features, like i’m seventeen
biggest watch on the wrist, that’s seven teens
i’m it, my n*gga, i’m sick, my n*gga
i’m like, actually sick, my n*gga
stack a band
do a ten
i got like four, five men
you’s an end
i’m breaking pads
i can’t keep up with my pen

[verse 2]
break you off, or knock you off
knocking off socks, like a nursery rhyme
a tribe called quest, i’m checking my rhime
xavier wright, when i’m checking my time
and it always go right, like i’m e*d*dwight
or a pass with the bl!ck, ‘cause a n*gga need all of it
the man gon’ starve the chick
a boy can’t roll in peace ‘cause james, “portland”, always be starting sh*t
i miss my b*tch, like boys that withdraw off the bluff
grab my stuff, i can’t keep none tucked
a 556 be all i need, i’m talking kicks, kicks, knees
i don’t need, shoes, wallets, jeans
i’m talking shoes, wallets, keys
give me your shoes, wallets, keys, lil’ b*tch
you were waiting so i’d tuck it
nantucket, the way she rub on my belly
she was quaking, like the ass was jelly
peanut with it, when i fill her deli
like a glazed donut or a faded ‘ponent
big ups to jordon
know you watching over, like the cia
man, these n*ggas biting on me, frito lay

baby, i was just getting a raise
baby, i was just getting a fade
i went out, got an up on the play
took a b*tch back home, got her n*gga erased
got a n*gga really feeling like he g to the j
but it’s never g after the j
‘cause then i’m james, and i can’t do the same
baby, i got so much shame
baby, i got so much pain
baby, i got so much game
i’m like jay in the final play
or like jay in his final game
n*gga, i rap, but you and i, we are not the same
you smoke jay, i don’t even need j’s when i’m feeling the pain
i don’t even need guns when i’m right at the range
i swear i had a glock before i copped a chain
lil’ b*tch, get out of my lane
hey, hey, hey, hey

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