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lirik lagu 4get – lucki


aye, aye
aye whoa aye aye aye

don’t you try forget about me aye whoa
i can’t have them n-gg-s ’round me aye whoa
i am off them hittas, drowsy aye whoa
i don’t want your b-tch she lousy aye whoa
livin’ demon but i’m where the clouds be aye whoa, aye
don’t you try forget about me aye whoa
don’t you try forget about me
all my enemies befriending me, used to it
everything i love gon’ be the end of me but who knew it
i can’t text her back because there’s nothing else to do to it
geekin’ off the molly, still sleepin’ cause i’m used to it
professional tech sipper, f-ck about my d-mn liver
my ex say that xannies still taste good because she’s still bitter
groupies got me lonely, only reason ima deal wit’ her
i can’t listen to authority unless a deal wit’ it