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lirik lagu 24 (tribute to kobe) – luhquezz



ayoo, let me tell em i do this for the people
you know what i’m saying
but i’m doing this for kobe right now
here me out , letsss go!

(verse) 1

i’ll spread my name around
likes germs make sure you heard of me

i’m out of reach
won’t let em get to me or bother me

some just not right
we from the same state but rivalry’s

i went scot free , need privacy
they tryed to k!ll my dreams

i hope your watching
to my paul paul with a posterfee”

in meditation with my soul
i’m tryna find some peace
back then when i was on my ass
ain’t have no pot to pee

blew up air mattresses made pallets
had no where to sleep

our stomachs growling
looking in the fridge for some to eat

when all the dishes dirty
needed soap so we could clean

i’ll never tell my eyes are blind
won’t speak on what i’ve seened

i feel like they can’t tell me none
when they didn’t grind like me

my talent got me acting white
sometimes i’m nervously

don’t know who really for me
n*ggas b*tches in between

i’m hitting n*ggas b*tches
open house i’m in between
i’m with two twin turbos
blowing on me like it’s steam

i don’t believe in zodiac
some signs had lied to me

but its gone take a miracle
to have a child by me

how i be i’m tryna grow a garden
when i’m planting seeds

i’m right back to that starting point
where it was all a dream

the demons on my left
but angels right on side of me

some said i wouldn’t amount to none
i’m worth a lottery

im steady stapping on these tracks
i’ll never skip a beat

some cut me off just like a light
they missing out on me

but guess what ! aye

(verse 2)

back to the basics

i’ll only be me

i tryed to stay down

wasn’t right how you decide to treat me

recycle nonsense from my life
to keep from tryna repeat

big battles between alligations
but i’ll never try to retreat

would second guess it from the start
this sh*t is not good at all

some wanna see drop the ball

just hoping i fall and all

but i sticking to the script

then follow my protocol

not with that *67

won’t be returning your calls

when i couldn’t see out of fog

i d*mn near almost got lossed

been holding to much inside

just let it go like it’s clogged

life’s like a movie they saw

they watching me like a vlog

ain’t no more nice guy it’s nawl

fans noticed me at the malls

ain’t gone trip none small

i’m gone be big but i’m small

they know lil bro standing tall

i can’t forget about y’all

who stayed down through it all

i’ll never bail out at all

just wanna ball like i’m kobe bryant
then put my team !!! that’s game !!!