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lirik lagu 1 minute murder – luhrodneey


okay i’m back up in this thang b*tch trynna get sum change b*tch people know how i rock so don’t try get it confuse i’m bussin all dese moves dese b*tches man they rude they only trynna rock witchu cuss you got all of that loot i be snapping run up n i’m clapping n*ggas talking all that sh*t i shoot em threw his fashion n people trynna call me wack but i don’t give off while they sitting rapping on my name they ainn counting bucks sitting at the crib on the couch juss watching me talking about me but you ainn got a pot to eat b*tch my name luhrodneey ima say that till the death of me rapping on me or my guys you get 6feet n we playing about these n*ggas nah who want smoke gmoney in the cut he’ll let it blow we’ll cook ah n*gga up like we cooking roast put yo ass in the air n let’s juss have a toast

1 min murda for you b*tch ass n*ggas people say i fell off but i been counting my figures i be rolling so hard i think i’m off ah jiggas i juss came back on you f*cking b*tch ass n*ggas x2