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chevrolet - luke bryan lyrics



[verse 1]
i’m gonna find a way to love again
i’m on the winnin’ stretch of a losin’ end
foot on the gas, i’m freedom bound
i’ve got the morning sun at my back, and i’m inspired
nothing can slow me down
she used to get me.
i was held back by her memory.

let the highway sing
a song of a new beginning, keep these wheels a spinnin’.
gonna hammer down
while the distant sky is wakin’, light behind me’s breakin.
i found a better way, in the form of a chevrolet.

[verse 2]
a strange reminder of how i walked a step behind her
back here in the shadows of an 18-wheeler
where i’m headin i still don’t know
but i caught the wind of an am station
blarin on my radio.
i ain’t lookin back.
i never though i could say that. so…


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