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lirik lagu how it is – luke saward


i’m a kid in my crib like ****
sugar water in your face like modie
finite tings in my life like sophie
turned right round like you didn’t even know me
turned right round, you didn’t hear a sound
these kids end up in lost and found (madeleine)
tryna make all the money they can
before they all end up in the can

step to me once, step to me twice
one more time, you’re gonna lose your life
no more strength to continue the fight
step round here, you get shot on sight
life support off like archie b
these kids round here, they’re f*cking neeks
**** kids, they can’t even speak (logan)
sad that all of their lives are peak

touch my boys and you’ll get splashed
burn your body and turn it to ash
don’t ride out, and i don’t like ****
but when i see him, he’ll get one from the mash
ride in the beamer, slide and crash
slap at his head and bring him back
tell them yutes if they come round here
then just like him, they ain’t coming back
back up! give me room, give me sp*ce
any rude sh*t, i’ll be riding with ****
got a ak, 9mil wap and an ace
and if you wanna start, you’ll get **** in the face
banged in the face, banged in the face
try catch me, i’m busting the case
feds round here just wanna give chase
that’s one more yute from earth erased

wanna f*ck with the reptile, oh why yes
i just shot four man in the chest
run round the town, say “oh! que ves?!”
i’m a slave to the dragon, i’mma invest
told your mum, she wasn’t impressed
she sounds like she’s f*cking depressed
go round screaming “f*ck the press”
but you won’t see me here smoking cess

i’m a **** youngun, bred and thrive
but you step round here, you won’t survive
fly high, t, you’ll always be missed
these gangs take lives of many young kids
it’s too violent, don’t take the p*ss
it ain’t a joke, don’t take that risk
kids get k!lled over fifty quid
young gs ran over there and hid
dangerous place, there’s guns and knives
and little yutes are losing their lives
and kids here don’t high five
they slap corn till an opp boy jives
they slap corn till an opp boy dies
they shoot to **** all the mandem’s wives
they crash, end all of the paigons’ lives
come round here, you won’t be alive

ain’t a dj like calvin harris
still i go and i run with **** in paris
go run wild with my cuz and ****
then i hide from the jakes like frank in the annex
situation’s a bit complex
these man here, don’t meet their specs
them man can’t see us, need their specs
can’t see that **** is a side effect

many guys dream of glamorous cars
but some guys dream of getting out
of this f*cked up ting we call these ends
cause man getting shanked, now with the stars
try to run and you won’t get far
instead of knives, us man just spar
a f*cking traitor is what you are
don’t wanna see how i got this scar

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