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lirik lagu demonic – lunar c


i pulled a knife out my back to cut you off with, now i’m focusing
clockwork orange, the treatment was eye*opening
i keep it funky like sly stone and them
i’m not hating, these rappers are sh*t, i had high hopes for them
money hungry, eating into your profits
greedy mix in your pockets, devious and dishonest
see me p*ssed with a goth chick, people think i’m demonic
i’m burning churches down and feeding into the gossip
uncut raw like uncooked pork
i’m the best in the country, not just up north
nothing that you do is natural, it just looks forced
think you’re number one on top and get your buzz cut short
i’m at your mum’s front door in my good luck shorts
they keep talking but they look unsure
i’m sleepwalking cause i went to bed speed*balling
feel like i’m free*falling to h*ll, hoping i see morning
head*to*toe floral suit, my life’s like a p*rno shoot
i’d rather sing outta tune than use autotune
your plans falling through, too late to call the troops
you was born to lose, that’s the morbid truth
told my girl “we’ve grown apart” like both halves of my broken heart
put the phone down, got my d*ck sucked and then wrote these bars
i’ll open palm slap you with your own broken arm
these rappers say that they don’t f*ck with me cause they know they can’t
as subtle as brass knuckles
they talk sh*t, i clean their mouths out with soap, these kids chat bubbles
hundred grand underpants
looking like i’m bout to drop the mixtape of the year because i f*cking am
i was overthinking, now i go on instinct
i was my own worst enemy and my only victim
started contemplating my own existence, too greedy for stoicism
my only mission is to get to forty with no coke addiction

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