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lirik lagu moon rocks – lunar c


[verse 1]
sp*ce funk, can break from the same c*nts
lying bout their life over 808 drums
place thumb through your head like cocaine comedowns
synth just sounds like i’m charging up my ray*gun
take money, waste some
make money, be someone
each one, teach one
sp*ce buggy flying over crater shaped speed bumps
on the dark side of the moon, i never see sun
car seat covered in moon rocks and weed crumbs
first white rapper to be signed by nasa
hijack the mother ship and fly right past ya
zoom by at the speed of light, faster than the eye can see
i clashed myself in a parallel universe
the other me said “do your worst”
i said “choose your words wisely”
i already knew his verse, i chose to do it first
as a time traveller rhyme battler, i found that usually works

[verse 2]
split the atom, blew the ring off saturn
first alien interaction, from another world but have a british accent
fresh on the scene, i’m w*lly shatner
different pilot than in the pilot
looking all blurry in the sh*tty camera
off world p**p, i’m ghost riding, causing ufo sightings
went gold mining and came out with a whole diamond
it’s all timing, captain’s log star day twenty*twenty
have to rock a laser proof jacket and some matching socks
jet pack blasting off
astro boy, i back roll joints and make songs that have no point
slack hand full of venus drugs, help me keep it up
f*ck it, beat me up, i think i’ve seen enough
zoomed across the planet, supersonic in my bootsy collins glasses
stars in my eyes as i write this verse, just writing random words
held up captain kirk with the phaser and made him land on earth

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