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lirik lagu the end of the world! – lupe fiasco


“the end of the world!”

this world ends, this world ends
this world ends, this world ends
now, now, now, now, now, now, now, now

[verse 1:]
uh, she love her people so much
came to my show just to throw her flag up and
pray to god that i saw her
wonder if she saw my scarf for palestine all on it
never struggle, valentine all on it
put my heart to it
like noah’s ark i’m too into it
like justice i’m just too influenced not to do this to it
this one dedicated to the soldiers
throw up peace signs in the face of bulldozers
never bow down or wrap their body in explosives
as long as your alive, fight your whole lifetime
the h-rn of africa needs you
callin’ out to all you friends of the people
be the change that you wanna see
tell ’em no change just ain’t what it gonna be


[verse 2:]
yeah, the people, united, will never be defeated
and all my people’s smite just forever be repeated
these streets our streets, it’ll never be deleted
no matter how many cops that you send to try and beat it
this is revolution in the making
a ragtag movement set to takeover the nation
now isn’t that fun?
you just wanna make the world better, isn’t that young?
well, blessings to the youth then
and don’t stop, until they let the truth in
once there, never let it leave
and protect it, they’ll catch it and never set it free
and every set is free
blood sweat and tears, no place i’d rather be
so, let’s occupy wall street, all day, all week


[verse 3:]
so again, i fight evil
this what i gotta do to live my life peaceful?
so be it, outspoken and low key it
my heart big, limousine no fiat
and you can hear it loud every time god beat it
love always shines every time i see it
exactly what they hated is exactly what i needed
and exactly where i started is exactly where i leave it
cause i ain’t never ever ever change
i say that because i ain’t never felt better mane
beautiful lasers as fans, do me a favor, this time i’ll repay ya
friend of the peeps, free chill, ask her what’s peace
holla at me if you see me in the streets
a picture costs a dollar, first and fifteenth