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change - lyf the rapper lyrics


no, no
no, no

the people that you love, start to change
i’ma speak from the heart, cause i felt won’t feel this pain
lately lads been feeling happy and sad at the same time
but i got to keep on moving for the future bloodline
i don’t know if i’m fine, but i got to stay focused
i’m pretty sure that i was dying inside, when i wrote this
sometimes i don’t know how to feel but i’m just trying to keep it real
i ain’t even gonna smoke a drug or try to pop a pill
people say i live my life according to my own line of time
but that’s a lie, i’m stuck inside my past, i want to rewind
but if i could go back i would’ve remade it
and thеn the strangest, the things i lovе and hated but now i’m feeling basic
and i want to make my bread, because i can’t get ahead
and i’m thinking ’bout the past, convincing how it made me dread
and even after this i got a glimpse of my future then i read
lyf the rapper is a king, i promise you he won’t be dead
to have a family, think about the legacy he led
it was stronger than [?] opps pointed straight at you
i wouldn’t even be surprised if he was offered a statue
i’ma stay to myself, you can catch me on avenue
i don’t care what you say, don’t switch up like my ex*bae
what she did was not okay, but i won’t let it in my way
they just run they mouth and never stop like are you cray?
the things that you do, i swear i be tripping, i’ma go insane
these thoughts be running through my brain, i swear it is off the chain
it fells right into the vein, surprisingly i’m still the same
but i’ma step back take a breath, let me guess, it was a test
when i tried giving my all, they said i didn’t do my best
so i’ll pass it to the rest, i’m just tired of the mess
but i’ma rap this song about saying i’ma take a red
really thought you was the one, when you left, yeah, i was done
now i’m stuck here thinking what i did wrong, i’m feeling stunned

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