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lirik lagu 1 minute freestyle – lynniaa


hoes want beef, i ain’t no cow b*tch i can’t help ya
they n*ggas wanna f*ck me so they mad b*tch watch yo fella
i been tossing hoes like my name was nikki bella
i don’t discriminate, i’ll put some black eyes on a white b*tch, have her looking like cruella. (uh)

i’m out the city, hoes know wassup with me. (uh)
don’t play games this ain’t a vr
don’t give a f*ck ’bout a n*gga feelings, cry me a river
heart cold like the m*th*rf*ckin’ winter
hoes tensed up like a n*gga pinched em’
and i wish a hoe wood like my name was christian on the pistons
i don’t do the dissin’ , rap circles round’ b*tches
check the m*th*rf*ckin’ bars like ya service missing. (yeah)

i’m finna’ lash the f*ck out on you n*ggas no glue needed
and i don’t f*ck with hoes, give me the two seater
and i don’t wait for n*ggas i be quick to leave em’
don’t let hoes talk down quick to read a b*tch
and if i ever fought a hoe i ain’t need a stitch
and i be cruising dolo, no sidekick, i don’t need a stitch