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lirik lagu lights down (vs. impostor v4 remaster) with lyrics – fnflyricist


face*to*face we’re confronting
with your disrespect i assume you’re asking
for some trouble. it’s best that you start running
before life goes out
before you two are ready
let us begin

i prefer to surpass you
i hope that’s alright, of course it don’t matter
to me at all. make sure you’re ejected too
i would like the latter
it would make for a k!ller story
i don’t think you understand me
no way you can stand against me
i’ll make surе you meet
i don’t want it to be boring
but i must end your distorting
i’m gonna bring forth
the еnding in sight
i will be the reason you have died
i will watch when you fall from the sky
i’m gonna rewrite your story
make sure you fall from your glory
with the lights down
there’s no reason to hide from me
when you think in victory you’ll be
when you rise to newer heights
i’ll bring you down to h*ll despite
the fact you hold on to it tight
when i fall, i rise again
a record set above the rest
not in day time, but in secret
in the night
i will come alive
and take over with fright
cannot stop manipulation
and there is no use complaining
why do you campaign?
why do you have pride in saying that you have an art in slaying
when you can’t take aim
against me
it makes no sense
when you know the end you’ll soon have met
sooner or later you’ll realize
it was a mistake stepping foot in here
and when you meet your demise
you’ll see your actions have punishments, that clear?

why do you keep threatening me?
actions speak louder than words, don’t you know?
why do you pretend to be a cold hearted k!ller? seems i run this show

ruined this game
not important because you will find i am quite contained
here in mira
you’ll find endless madness aboard
and it seems to be you’re insane
don’t continue like you’ve been
cause instability within
and you must understand that your whole future’s looking grim
i’m not giving up until i take the win
since you won’t drop it
i’m gonna need to fight it

you can keep up, it seems you’re pretty strong
but is it enough for you to win the brawl?
didn’t think you could sing for very long
can you even realize this is just a stall?
deep inside i have witnessed all your flaws
k!lling, you had stopped just for a little song
why did you put your mission to a halt
for a little boy who appears 4 feet tall?

we are not gonna have a discussion
i had went through all of the precautions
you can’t keep on doing all the talking
i gotta keep my cross hair locked on you

i will remain being a deterrence
i gotta stop all disappearances
i’m gonna be the newfound occurrence
taking out a foe, ain’t heard it

looking to the future; meet your ending
it will keep on getting darker than this setting
when you see your own, you’ll start regretting
ever facing me, just know you’re lending
stop pretending to be brave when you know you will cave in
there is zero point for you to stay remaining
in my sight
i’m not listening
to all the cries

while you may have strong persistence
just know you have no resistance
this is where it ends
when i could have pressed b*tton
i had mercy, you gave nothing
now i think it’s the
time to show no fear
i’ll keep going until you are outta here
we’ve been singing for a while
i’ve resisted every wile
thrown into my path
and i’ve made it clear
i’ll make sure my voice is the last you will hear
and with your ‘determination’
you can’t fight manipulation
with everything i’ve been taking
can handle manipulation
your attempts are void
and they are destroyed
and i played with you as if you were my toy
you’ll be thrown into the stars
and i know i sound kinda harsh
it’s time for story making and i’ll ensure
you’re scarred

in the blind spots of ur vision
i’ve got no choice but to attack
you’re the prey of my commission
if i die you know i’ll strike back
face defeat and face your failures
couldn’t stop me and you’ll never
sayanora, see you later
now you’re mine
you’d better say goodbye!