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lirik lagu four-way fracture with lyrics – kelpy9781


you will not fly
harness their lives
you’ll soon join them with the rest
knowing i will win at the end
just pray if you haven’t
passed the test
won’t see the light again

you have no idea what
your are in for
in this vile game, i win
i’ll take care of your sins
the strings they can’t handle
my puppets for murders and scandals
you will never get far
i will make you join the condemned
for every soul that i’ve conquered:
too slow

majin sonic:

interfering with his work
although i’m not supposed to
i’m not here to lurk
only here to help you

a surprising predicament
that you are in
but i’ll help you out so
we can both win
we will free the souls
without a shadow of doubt

although his voice may be gruff
we can show him that we’re tough
we will catch him out of his bluff
all the souls have had enough
your time is not yet nigh
once we conquer this world
we can fly high
into the dark*blue faded sky
stay strong, friend, do not fear

your pal majin is always here
xeno shall not end our fun
let me join, take him down
although he has fallen thrice
he didn’t take my advice
his will and is way too strong
fueling everyone with hope

oh, seen the world fallen all to ashes
souls gains causing his enraged lashings

tried and tried a million times
to succeed but
never found the courage or the power
within, but

now you are here
our goal are clear
seems you’re back for an encore
your tropes are back; they’re such a bore
i’ll finally have the last laugh
and reset the score

this world’s in the palm of my hand
this faded land

majin sonic:
we meet once again
won’t let them suffer in vain

xeno shall never play fair
fall to your despair
in this game i always win
there’s no other ending
their minds are already forged
they’re ascending!

majin sonic:
things might always go your way
i’ve seen it clear as day
but eventually
you’re gonna fumble
and then your entire evil world will

anata wa mugen o owara
seru koto wa dekimasen!