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lirik lagu aristotle – lyricsnew007


narrator :
so, aristotle tell us about, it’s your go, yo
give us some idea about the nature of your mind!

aristotle :
“spec, spec, speculate on this now
my mind it’s not easy and it’s versatile
it gotten deep draw conceptive power which inspires a man in his first nile
you can distinguish when i speak…..
there is poetry, power, music, harmony, rhythm, you name it and it’s there “b”
my actions are passionate, and non imitative….
you can take glance anywhere you want but i’ll never leave you looking, with water coming out of your nosе like you don’t know why?
it’s okay, passion and actions speak of imagination wild!

don’t forget to play thе drums when the love with it’s hard, vibe is strung
this is the truth without pity or fear
there is no sp*ce for the two so they gonna live well hum strung to each other near free beer
that’s my mind, it all plays too hard but i’ll be sympathetic through
all your purifications in them ethical manners that you don’t understand
when you look inside my mind there won’t be anything that you would stand
so be careful of all this so sensitive ted and well treated
i don’t give less so don’t think i’ll take lesser
you can soon see inside a squeeky little pressa
i’m here to dress her
kiss her and let her not feel stupid pressure
she is the beauty of my mind, period letter
crowd: *hoot*



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