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lirik lagu i get lonely too (remix) – m.wade


[verse 1: drake]
waited on you for so long
too many days since january
i’m still sitting here alone
we shoulda did this already
said i gotta email today
kinda thought that you, forgot about me
but i wanna hit you back to say
just like you, i get lonely

[hook: drake]
i could really get to know you
take my time and show you
don’t tell anybody what we do
when i get lonely

take me
to another place where i’ll be
face to face, just you and me
with no rules, just like you
i get lonely

[verse 2: m.wade]
i’m really starting to miss you
i remember the moment that i first kissed you
feeling like our days were a little suspenseful
weird how my friends were the first n-ggas to ever diss you
i think it’s funny how we worked out
you used to wake me up and let me know the birds were out
but it’s like i ripped out ya heart out so slowly
i’m sorry
i know what it feels like to be lonely
you ain’t the only one
girl you ain’t the only one
give me time to show you girl
you know i owe you one
you know i owe you somethin’
i’m starting to see the light
it really is hard just to find the one
but you know me
i’m real, never phony
know i’m acting up, i’m just tryna get a tony
let’s paint a picture girl
high def, no sony
forget about my past, forget about the old me, yeah


[verse 3: m.wade]
would you want me to give up?
everything we talked about, all that led to trust
baby without you, there could be no us
i’ll be a friend girl
it doesn’t have to lead to much
and yea we shared a kiss, it doesn’t have to lead to l-st
i swore to put no one above you
but we were in love
i was just a phony
guess i deserved to be lonely
i’m talking bullsh-t
i ain’t with that bullsh-t
lying bout my love life, thought you weren’t for it
i just hope you enjoyed it
and in these moments, it’s just me and you
i thought that you would notice
all the things i do
today is just my day, i spend my time with you
i’m grateful for the moments, cause this is all we knew
i opened up my heart
and i still had room for you, uh


hoh ooh hoh
hoh ooh hoh
hoh ooh hoh
just like you
i get lonely
hoh ooh hoh
just like you
i get lonely
i get lonely
just like you
i get lonely