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lirik lagu mac dammit and friends – mac dre


(feat. b.a., psd, keak da sneak)

[mac dre]

it’s mac dammit man, coming through runnishing
chop suie got a buck knife in his hand
finishing the sh-t that them suckas started
they shoulda ar’a, knew that i’m coming harder
fully are a, shot the whole lot up
n-gg-s trying cut quick, cramped up in a knot
i’m a rida, cutthoat general
in 84′ i said f-ck it, i’m in it now
i’m killing now, letting mothaf-ckas know
i’m a pimp quit acting like a f-cking ho
you ain’t know, b-tch n-gg-s get played
razor sharp game, cut you like a switch blade
it’s dre waking up yo family
15 cudie in your drive way, they can’t stand me
paint candy licking like a blow pop
i’m so flamie, n-gg- it don’t stop


f-ck driving, let me out when i slide threw
i drop love, like souls in a ten booth
f-cking with yo huctes mento
like i’m kend to her
but i’m just a die hard pimp girl
into a nickname kosie, or call me b.a.
i’ll send two huctes with yo wife right with me
i know, they say i’m crazy but i only drink white
unless i’m with a snow bunny
so let’s get the remy, get the bevi, act stupid
i’ll slide through in a fly coup with two cute ones
keak dat sneak, plus mac dre be the homie
i’ll be d-mn if the hutches think they got something on me
ho it’s real, my life is i’ll
we send em see what’s i’m and get inside their grill

[keak da sneak]

still highly national, still a killa with murder flow
still screaming all in the do
bet yo -ss down fo, cause that’s the trade mark
where nothing but brave hearts, thug relutional
never thought when a m-th-f-cka losing crutal
collect the doe, thinking ahh and still counting it
smoking by the pound you n-gg-s still quarter ouncing it
dry cut let it melt down bouncing it
nine hundred thousand fo my kids allowance
i’m drunk as f-ck so i hit the loaf and bouncing it
still gifted talented, from a notch to a bad b-tch
get mo then yo -ss kicked depend on how mad i get
genet razor dagger sh-t i’m leaving faces like naxima attics b-tch
i’m from mind over money and murder would manage sh-t
without a sign, hearding some endings
tragic sh-t you want to shine
you ain’t f-cking with us then who you with
that’s a perfect way to get yo wig split


um hum
the turf n-gg-, vest up under his shirt n-gg-
doing dirty call me dirt sniffa
like a dirt dopula,
get down foul, and i’m hurting patna
in da shows on my fo’s
call me curtain droppa
can’t you tell from the dirt in my nail
from down south to my turf of vallejo
addiction to this mail is sometin’ worser then yell
make a n-gg- hi spy something worser then h-ll
riding gmc denale it no l’s
wood indegital video 4 12
possessions are under a zip of weed no sales
for personal need be, give me the fin
with no jail, no jail

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