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lirik lagu paella de queso – macaronny


[verse one: big mike]
coming in stomping
like hitt from bronson, dre from compton
macaronny, beats be rocking
community music, you know we get it popping
big mike, there ain’t no stopping
i’m at the top, ain’t going back to the bottom
b*tch, look at my track record
i got hard like i was trying to settle a vendetta
look at every song that i’ve been on
call me trash? you dead wrong
if you truly think that, your opinion is wack
maybe you’ll love me when i fade to black
when i talk about retirement?
think about hov in 2003, i meant that
so i’m gone, but not forever
but when i’m back, i’ll be better than ever

[verse two: king blow]

[verse three: sh*ttyoldshirt]