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lirik lagu “at the same time” – macatizm , courtney richmond artist,writer producer


the moral of the song “at the same time” made and created by the rapper’ macatizm he created his song in the room of his apartment along with others’ the rapper macatizm, aka atl the formula has been rapping, singing, writing, and producing, since he was a kid age 17″ along with his brothers. the g*nius of his song is that his song is catchy and after you here it once you want to hear it again and it only gets better by each play. this song is just the start of what macatizm has for future songs that he will be releasing, he has been blessed’ to have the right connections with beats and have also created his own beats. he is also ceo of country city entertainment, founder, master chief, and recently released the album “country city life”, late 2010 and wanted to do a song by him self he sings the hook “at the same time” and wraps his life style as he does what he speaks about in the song. very creative with the way he says his lyrics