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lirik lagu welcome to jim’s world – macka morfiss


thanks for tuning in
i’d like to introduce a fictional character
his names jim, a 26 year old janitor
he’s got a normal life and gets respect from his manager
but, as i’m telling this narrative
think, if you can relate to even one aspect of him
you could be jim

[verse 1]
i don’t like nightclubs, that’s why i just
head down to my pub with my mates
and try whatever they do
i was handed something white with a lit end
but i didn’t try it, i pretend
truthfully, i only get high to fit in
as though i’m a screw on a crane
on a skyscr*per building
yeah it’s either that or spend sat*rday at home
whilst i’m trying not lose the muscle that’s attached to my bone
it’s actually grown a lot since i was in the gym out performing you
hiding my body dysmorphia
and all of it is because of social media
the least social creature to be in the scope of people
that need social leads, but a
girl only spoke to me when i over exposed a feature
of mine under my clothes, now i hope i can keep her
i wanna buy her nice things, diamond rings
shine bright bling, the next flight to india
an island fling
yeah i act tough, i say dispute gets me vexed
but, really i’m scared and life gets me stressed
i’m sensitive, last night i watched xnxx and went west
i’m bored, fall asleep yet still feel anger
and thanks to me not feeling like a man
i watch youtube now jordan peterson’s my mantra
and free top g too, ’cause he actually speaks the truth
in some of his answers, wish my attitude was gangsta
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world

[verse 2]
modern life gets me down and all of it renders
me isolating, not talking, going out on benders
but i try to be transparent as a mum switching genders
i find it hard to open up i have ridiculous tempers
if i did, would my family be upset with how i feel
i admit, i’m more tired than a wheel
and inner thoughts are more violent than a triad in the field
life’s surreal, if i spoke to dad
would he empathise with me for real
now this next point does, sound disjointed
i don’t allow myself to be anointed with happiness
’cause when something falls through
in the long run i’ll be less disappointed
i fear the smell of failure, to me it’s rancid
i’m affraid to chase my dream for the climax to be a damp squib
then everybody would laugh with
eachother and crack up like my back would
when i bend over backward for people with no question
i’m afraid to say no, petrified of rejection
i had friends who were like brothers to i, and
i would have walked for miles for them
fought off a lion, been chalked out in lines for them
but my anxiety caused me to lose contact
and whilst i’m all in denial it’s blatantly true i ain’t lying
’cause when we see eachother it’s all awkward smiles
i’m devoid of alliance
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world
welcome to jim’s world

[verse 3]
so, there you have it, you’ve met jim
the most relatable man on the planet
sometimes he feels like he’s had it
and when i say i do too, that’s it
you might think i sound dramatic
but jim represents a demographic
of people, like me, you, rats in traffic
pragmatic? nah, more like anger management classes
life we cannot grab it
thousand yard stare
blink today? nah, and in a way
jim thinks that he’s past his prime
like he passed ksi’s drink away
that feeling of waste isn’t real cap
i compare myself to others
i guess that’s why i feel bad
and tear dab when i’m real mad
i make a big deal and meal out of things
feelings still concealed as i try to act like a real man
stiff upper lip, still stuck her with
disgusting drinking * chunder sick
it’s rare i ever feel chuffed to bits
think devil’s snare’s just hooked my limbs
jim’s life’s like a rollercoaster
jumps in the bath while he holds a toaster
overdosing * you know he’s close to
his backs to the wall like he’s a poster
so, he always acts like he’s supposed to
what can you relate to most ’cause
it could be one verse or just one word
one splurt of ink could make you think about a burden
you prefer to drink away and sink, deter
from being surfaced, now you’re feeling weird
’cause yours and jim’s life have been merged
seems like a pattern at first
and then you think ‘nah, it works’
i bet you’re reluctant to admit it
but, this song is like looking into a mirror * d*mn
welcome to my world
welcome to my world
welcome to my world
welcome to my world

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