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lirik lagu noon – mad-granny


[verse 1: mad*granny]

mad granny for life!
you will never survive, let me sharpen my knife!
did i take it too far? just kidding anyway, sike!
oh, that’s what i am! are you terrified? i don’t give a d*mn!
it’s a*ok to be scared of gran, even i am! it seems like a scam!

[verse 2: mad*granny]

oh no, well that does it!
happy universe, yeah i don’t trust it!
i have a rolling pin, so don’t push my b*ttons!
came with the squad so i baked my m*ffins!
famous for them, yeah fresh out of the oven!
one step on the floor, gone! abducted!
i told you all not to push my b*ttons, now y’all done it!
wow, it’s almost noon, can’t believe you’rе here. (such a goon)
[bridge: mad*granny]

i told you one stеp but you still pursued!

[verse 3: mad*granny]

i can be lyrical! but never, i’m empirical!
i can’t escape my house or my past, i’m not forgettable!
stepping in my dwelling, i’m sure is regrettable!
’cause now you see the consequences are impeccable!