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lirik lagu 2 cent$ – mad mic


verse 1

im stone cold with the beer cans
whatever you askin i got it
off the top massacres
cos n*ggas dumb enough to doubt him
i studied the game slit them snakes
used summa they venom for my arrows
shotout to my n*ggas puffin on that agro
got my back as i grow
jottin sacks of scrolls
tick tack toe i win
thats triple x if you playin with the flame
lames gettin fcked up
for crossing lines
who’s next is the question not who’s the best
but who testin
been the bigger man like goliath
gettin stoned like cops in a riot
a moment of silence
i murk the beat
with defiance
dope n*ggas in my circle
no pride like some homeless lions
access denied if you tryin
body counts multiplying
all my hours in the lab potion mixing
higher than science fiction scenes
this sh*t’ll cure your itch like glycerine
place some orders
you know i got you feins
stay supreme not a dictator
neither am i a d*ck taker
far from home when i revisit whats entagled in my dome
never pr*ne in my zone
so stuff the hate back down your throat
keep your two cents
those some whack loans
keep your two cents
cos those some whack ass loans
keep your two cents
cos those some whack ass loans

verse 2
keep your two cents
cos those some whack ass loans
no penny for your garbage
they told me take it easy
but this is anyway
youd think i sniff crystals
the way i let loose missiles
i spit audiovisuals
style lethal
slang illegal
tongue twistin
perplexed at why you sleepin’
outrageous i spit
got you to lift
leave your seats vacant
i stand out cos they can’t
yall just fake sun like spray tans
favorite rapper cremator
jugglin disorders
mad nomad
on an endless
spread your wings
and join me
hip hop she got a ring on her finger
got my knees dirty
flirting with the mic
watch me spit game
till my rib cage caved in
do it with cadence
stay radiant
im just tryna make pastor type cake man
but i ain’t into alienatin’
its just my curse slash blessin that im tryna trade in
for the payment
overthinking bout contemplatin’
got me in the lab rippin’ pages
people filin’ hatred
but after a dose of what i compilated
had pupils dilated
im just warmin up n*gga why you salivatin?
was a benchwarmer now i got nothing to lose
just something to prove
even motherf*ckin’ chewbacca couldn’t fill in my shoes