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lirik lagu 001, salvatore. – mag7s


*it smells fishy the way they chasing cl!ckbait and hyping nonsense
*it’s all pop when they blow but imma show ’em a real bomb threat
*i’m content with the content i’m dropping ’cause i know n0body can contest
*swallow your pride, i’m sorry, i can’t, i’m afraid i’m already too full of myself
*potbelly ish, all these sick flows i spewin’ ,it ain’t good my health
*i’m outta, this world, never sagging my pants, you can say i’m dripped out in orion’s belt
*could never ride my wave, only thing you ever surfed is the internet
*spiders and snakes, all of em venomous
*they all caught in a wеb
*try to bite my flows, you might be leaving dеad
*pottymouth possé, got constipated and then they got nuthin’ to say
*understand why you ain’t looking up to me, you ain’t tryna be breaking ya’ neck
*big fish, never fall victim, never get consumed in tha net
*pave the way for myself, that way, i never run out of drive
*keep my emotions bottled up, might mistake em for molotovs, the way they got me burning bridges
*way too gifted to be giving wit’ it, only present they get from me is my presence