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lirik lagu crucible – magellan


we’re living proof of these uncertain times
lost all our money and we’ve done our time
i’ve got no answers-only questions now
no point in starting over
does no good anyhow.

i’m not a critic and i’m not a friend
coming to terms or coming to an end?
another test of wills could bring us down
i sense a confrontation in the way we sound

i hate to say i told you so-
before you never listened to a word
but you remembered everything went wrong
so well………… well.
now i can’t leave and i can’t stay
but i regret our moments everyday – don’t you?
i heard you say this once before:
“you are my crucible”.

now don’t be angry at the world – it’s you
that comes between us and i know you know it too
we’re living proof of these uncertain lines
no point in going back
we tried – we had enough time……………