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lirik lagu flexin’ – magnum_mpho_maroos


its magnum
once again
you see when i first heard this beat i was like naaahh
its a bit too much you know
some dubstep tip
but then i kept listening to it for some reason and then sh-t

[hook: magnum]
next thing i know next thing i know
i’m just flexin'(flexin’) x3

ya i’m just flexin’
next thing i know next thing i know

[verse 1: magnum]
ok back down back down my 16’s
leave man down (what)
mean beat still street
best flow hands down (wooh)
downloads f-ck that
i’m already the king of this “a town” (ya)
joburg jungle
but i’m about to turn it into a playground
don’t you know that magnum is in demand
i got a flow your idol wish to have
now i’m giving ya’ll portraits
better get the picture no instagram (wooh)
i know some of ya’ll gon hate
because the milly for me is already up for grabs
i’m tryna make my mom proud
she been unemployed
god damm!! you don’t even now what i’ve through
you judged me didn’t you (yaa)
but look struggle brought me strength
but guess i’m incharge everything you listen too (wooh)
fall back and i’m feeling you (yaa)
this kasi boy is just k!lling you
even on a dubstep beat i still be k!lling you n-gga
sh-t , now i’m waiting on those 6 figures (what else)
and every diamond girl is a gold digger