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my life - maino lyrics


my life

i’m trapped, feel like i’m trapped
i’m trapped, feel like i’m trapped
i’m trapped…

why don’t you love me? why do you hate me?
why don’t you trust me? whose gonna save me?
look in my eyes, this is my life, this is my life, this my life

how can you blame me, for tryna’ be wealthy
i came up starving, it wasn’t healthy
daddy was to high, he couldn’t help me
my mama had told me that this life was scary
stuck in this jail see, feels like it’s h-ll b
no one to call, ain’t no money to bail me
come on and feel me
and take a look in my eyes and try to understand my life, my life

i’m so thirsty, till they murk me
f-ck the world mommy, it don’t deserve me
feel like you cursin’ me, lord try to work with me
my enemies creepin’, and they plottin’ to murder me
somebody pray for me, it ain’t okay homie
i’m at the window with the i’ll ak homie
all i can say homie
is take a look in my eyes cause you could never live my life, my life

feels like i’m strapped down, the worlds deceiving me
daddy i rap now but who gon’ believe in me
i got crack vials, send those fiends to me
n-gg-s is rats now, they called the d’s on me
i can’t back down, so toss the sheet on me
bring your gat now, if you gon’ bleed for me
watch what you bring to me
and take a look in my eyes, cause n-gg-s tryna’ take my life, my life

where did i go wrong
tell me what’s worse, the feds or my son moms
baby the loves gone, maybe her hearts torn
or maybe it’s just all the pressure i build on
lord i’m dead wrong, been locked for too long
it’s hard to remain calm, guns in both palms
and if you not strong
take a look in my eyes, and see if you can learn from my life, my life

come take a ride with me, a day in the life with me
pick up my son, and look in his eyes with me
come through the stuy with me
see how they eyein’ me
look how i grew up, without a father see
i’ll tell you what bothers me, society blindin’ me
they said i can be whatever i tried to be
but they lied to me
so take a look in my eyes and tell me what’s wrong with my life, my life

my whole life exposed, so my eyes is closed
mommy it’s too late, this is the life i chose
n-gg- it’s f-ck parole, i’m a sell drugs some more
life is a highway, i’m swerving of the road
which ever way it goes, ready to lock and load
what i believe in, is what i’m a bleed for
and if you need some more
take a look in in my eyes, and see if you relate to my life, my life

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