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lirik lagu soldier – maino



i see so many soldiers, falling down.
so i stand on my feet, i won’t ever quit, i won’t touch the ground
so many soldiers, falling down (falling down, down)
i can hear them calling out for me, but i just can’t turn back.
i gotta keep movin’ on

[verse 1:]
yea [5x], my heart is made of stone and my body’s numb
feelin’ like i’m empty all my feelin’s gone
the friends i used to have is now the ones that’s gone
circ-mstances in the street left me all alone
wasn’t feelin’ much, at times i felt like givin’ up
then a voice inside my head told me to live it up, to the limit yes
live it like it’s limitless,
keep on movin’ like my friends was still here livin’ this.
can’t believe i went to all my n-gg-’s funerals
so i keep on ballin’ like my dogs would want me too
never forgotten, boy our liquor gl-sses in the air
keep on livin’, screamin’, “one day i’ma meet you there!”


[verse 2:]
‘i gotta turn it up on this one jimmy’
keep on movin’, keep on pushin’, hopin’ that the lord don’ heard me
i just got a couple questions:
why my homeboys left so early?
why you never took me wit ‘em?
why you left me here to miss ‘em?
why you let my cousin kill hisself and left me here to feel it?
lift my spirits, lift my spirits, this all real this not just lyrics
drink my pain with vodka and pineapple juice in a cup and stir it
pop a bottle, guess i’m ballin’
catch me god i feel i’m fallin’
i can hear my loved ones callin’
been wide up since 5 in the mornin’
keep on goin’, keep on goin’, feelin’ like the worlds been closin’
i stare at the stars and hope that all my friends could see me blowin’
this is for my fallin’ soldiers, i can feel you on my shoulders
there’s a piece of me that died with you, if you ever noticed

[maino spoken:]
i am who i am
i am who i am
i am who i am
yeah, i can feel it!