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lirik lagu aretha frank flow – mak sauce


[intro: mak sauce & aretha franklin]

what you want, baby i got (mak sauce)
what you need, you know i got it (yass)
all i’m asking, is for respect
that’s all (alright, turn me up, turn me up)
oooohh (grrrrtt, we on em)
oooohh (trampoline!)

[chorus: mak sauce]

huh, baby tell me what you want
i, promise i got it no searching
i’m, i’m on they head like a turban
f*ck round and pop off he making me nervous
i get my baba like baby, no gerber
head on my block, he tried i burned em
hop in that rari i whip it no [?]
i accidentally shot him on purpose
thumbin through blue, in the back of that burban
smoke got too hot, almost shot at my cousin
locked in the cell, they wouldn’t let me do nothing
f*ck all that bluffin, go knock off his m*ffin
these n*ggas cappin he kiddy, he p*ssy
i got that fully, don’t think you no bully
that boy a p*ssy hе cappin, he cookie
i got that brick got it jumpin, no bungee
didn’t have a quartеr, couldn’t even do laundry

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