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lirik lagu monkey in the fridge – malcolm it


[verse 1]
it’s a dark and stormy night
you’re watching tv with a bud light
but your beverage is empty and your thirst runs dry
so you head to the kitchen for a new supply
you fl!ck on the light, you hear a sound
a rustling, a chattering, there’s something around
it’s coming from the old refrigerator
you open the door and see what’s there:

please don’t let out the monkey in the fridge
you have no idea where he’s been
how long has it been since he’s moved in
watch out! he is armed with a syringe
you didn’t know ‘bout the monkey in the fridge
it’s too late, he’s out and peeling your skin
he’s gone crazy and now he’s on the fringe
standing on your corpse with an evil grin

[verse 2]
you’re on a date with a lovely girl
the way her eyes shimmer, the way her hair twirls
you’re talking and laughing and eating your food
the candles are lit to set the mood
the moment is now, this is your chance
you lean for a passionate kiss
but little do you know that right behind you
there’s a fridge! he’s going to find you!
you got caught by the monkey in the fridge
you have no idea where he’s been
the date’s ruined because now you’re both dead
you got syringed, and she had lost her head
should have bewared the monkey in the fridge
now your life has at last reached its end
you were too caught up in romance
now the monkey’s plan will advance


all bow down to the monkey in the fridge
there’s no place where the monkey hasn’t been
he knows where you are at all times
there’s no stop, his wrath is in its prime
you can’t hide from the monkey in the fridge
he won’t cease ’til humanity is rid
this mass destruction will never mend
by hand of monkey, this will be the end

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