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lirik lagu all i have to give – mali music


[verse 1]
lord if i could buy you a gift to show you my love, tell you how i feel.
it wouldn’t matter what i’d have to give i would find a way to get it for you.
but unfortunately that’s not the case and we both know i don’t have bank anyway
but i won’t let it affect my presentation to you cos this is what i bring…

here is my heart, my mind, lord here’s ma life my everything take it its yours oh lord.

[verse 2]
i’ll give you my all my everything, every song that i write,
every song that i sing, every day of my life, every breath that i breathe,
you gave to me and lord i rededicate it right back to you love of my life so faithful so true.
i get gooseb-mps just thinking about you and there’s nothing i will not do for you so

here is (my) my heart (yeah) my mind (lord here’s ma life)
lord here’s ma life (oh oh oh oh oh oh) my everything (yeah) take it (take it) its yours oh lord its all i have
[repeat chorus and end with “to give”]

i give you my best cos i love you… yours
[repeat chorus till fade]

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