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lirik lagu the light – mali music


“the light”

[verse 1]
everywhere i go (man it’s crazy)
everybody like (whoa)
there go mali music and i’m like (whoa)
didn’t even know i made it yet for folks to act like that ya’ll
(favor) i’m so glad that song blessed ya
(thank ya) and god bless ya
but, i’m really wondering what you see when you
lay eyes on me
do you see my shoes?
the clothes on my back?
do you see my swagger?
then you looking at flesh
cause i walk in spirit
i live for the king
it’s in him i move and have my very being

steady wondering why you can’t see me
tryna figure out what it is about me

i got the light
i got the light
i got the light
i got the light
stop tryin to figure me out
it ain’t me y’all
it’s all about god
and the light don’t clap off
i got the light
i got the light
i got the light
i got the light

[verse 2]
don’t need an introduction
don’t want an introduction
because with an introduction…
you have the tendency to get sucked in
to what you’re about to hear
what you’re about see
what i’m about to do
but it ain’t about me
when i sing or when i speak people don’t listen to
me please just hear what god is trying to reveal to you
through my lyrics
through my melody
rhythms and beats
my harmonies

[hook (repeat)]