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lirik lagu tale of the old factory – malísima


i looked around at the bright morning, and it took me some time to realize that i was now somewhere else. i was in a white place where i did not expect this to be. the sky was dark gray, with white clouds going by, and the trees where like the ones on the plantation with their branches. i walked up on top of the hill, and looked out over the area. i stopped walking, and i looked at the world; it was in a world where the sun always rosе, and a place where thеre was always a reason to laugh

on the other side of the field was a building. it looked exactly how the factory in the story by h.g. wells might have. i turned to the mountains in the distance and noticed nothing but grassy hills and trees. i stood in silence for a bit, and the sun rose higher in the sky, the heat becoming more intense. i felt so tired, but in a warm comforting way. i felt safe, and when i finally began to come to my senses, i realized where i was. it was the story that i once read as a child, of a boy who met a strange white rabbit in the grass. the boy asked the rabbit where its house was, so the rabbit pulls out a piece of paper and writes the words, “you are at home.” i looked in front of me and saw the building that the rabbit came from, the same building that the boy was. for some reason, i had followed this strange figure off of the page and into my own life