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lirik lagu married in vegas – manafest


“married in vegas”

yo girl, hop in, let’s go down to vegas

[verse 1:]
sleep is over rated
drive me down to vegas,
signing affidavits it’s official i’m taken
hate to break it to you, dad your daughters been dating
saving every cent my piggy bank to my pay check
waited my whole life, debated myself twice
should i stay single, yeah right?
i’m taking a sweet heart,
down on my knees y’all
go to see elvis get married and be off

now do you take this man to be your husband, i do, i do i da da da do
and do you take this girl to be your wife, huh?, i do, i do i da da da do
well then let me introduce, the bridge & the groom
hold your cups high
you may kiss the bride,

i got married in vegas
i’m so glad that you made it
cause we’ll be cutting the rug til the sun comes up
singing la da, da, da, da

i got married in vegas
i’m so glad that you made it
and at the end of the night i will carry my bride
singing la di, da di, da di da di da di, da

[verse 2:]
keys in the cadillac proceed to habitat
honeymoon heaven
got a sweet reservation
so snap photos, and thank the locals
we got to go though
i got a song to sing revederto
4 am in the morning, performing
the song of my life, holding hands with my wife
singing holy, holy, holy, holy, hold me
never leave you lonely, always be the only
will you promise to love her never be no other?
i will, i will, i wi wi wi will
will you promise to hold her, death till your older?
i will, i will, i wi wi wi will

girl you my sweet heart, taking my name
let me take you to a place that i’ll take your breath away


aces high, we got the jackpot in our eyes
let it ride, cause you know that
we’ll be rocking it, all night, so right
i do, i do i da da do
i will, i will, wi wi will


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