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lirik lagu leave it alone – manchester orchestra


“leave it alone”

leave it alone
we finished this up like an hour ago

so leave me alone
i planted it once, just -ssumed it would grow
even though, when i think
its replicated fear throws me off for years

so take me or don’t
a three hour drive but we got nowhere close
you read what i wrote

but you tuned the sound out to make sure i know
even though i can’t see, i feel it’s always haunting me
kicking out my feet
ruining everything

so take me alone
cause if it’s not with you, i’ve got no place to go
your brags turn to boasts
and into fights lasting hours about your dad’s ghost

although you can’t say it yet
it’s never been the same
and it looks to stay that way
it feels like you’re okay

when i was a fire i turned into ice
melting off my last feverish highs
and i leapt through the sunshine and into the night
singing songs of my healthiest fears

so take me or don’t
i’ve built up this kingdom you’d hopefully loathe
if we end up alone
a plague on my head and a curse in my home

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