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lirik lagu blue serenade – manhattan transfer


hot to trot shot
out to the hot spot
up to the nines
with bodies in line an’ feelin’ so fine
what’s to lose, go get ’em shoes

you take a train
you find a fascinatin’ rhythm in the rain
at every stop
you hear the clippin’ and the clop

you take a beat
you find a fascinatin’ rhythm in your feet
it’s so complete
and you know nothin’ can compete

you ain’t seen nothin’
you ain’t seen nothin’, yet

you start to palpitate
and the jeep is shakin’ the snake
like a man upon the move
for a doll who doesn’t hesitate

bad john
you hear the sound of a sad song

and when the downtown folk
all shake it on out tonite
jeep is jake
and rakin’ in the take

bad john
you are back where you belong

she’s such a sight tonite
a caribana with a fan a top banana
in a blue savanna moon

a neck in neck
you tell her darlin’ get the check
you’re all electric
up in harlem in a swoon

another dance
with a tropical fan
another chance
with the topical tan

mean swimmin’ saxophones
takin’ in the wimmin’ and shakin’ them bones
the goat get in the fete begin
naughty little body and set for sin

a creole girl
step up and say
never say never with a casual sway
takin’ her time to come my way

bad john
you are back where you belong

all reet i’m tippin’ in yeah, deed i do
and while the goat is on the fire
and every note is your desire
you approve her every move

you in a spin
come on in
she wanna grab you by the duff and tell you
honey this is tough enough for sure

and there’s the door
what are you waiting for?
and just us two
serenading in blue

you take a frail
who makes a copesetic caper with her tail
i’m tellin’ you
she really puttin’ on a do

the saxophones
you can’t relax when there is rhythm in your bones
you’re on the hoof
you raise a racket on the roof

some syncopation
makin’ with the eyes an arisin’ occasion
made it in the shade
the way they played that satin serenade in blue