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lirik lagu what – mannycalifornia


[verse 1: mannycalifornia]

been here for minute but feels like its been forever
never tripping off a b-tch and
never feeling under pressure
i work at my own pace
don’t even try to rush me
its why i’m on the come up with nobody else above me
the top is where i’m headed and there’s no way to prevent it
they call it art, you call it garbage, man theirs no need for pretending
did all this own my own, talk about being independent
but best believe when i get help that ima’ give those people credit

but until then i’ll stay doing me
shining brighter than a diamond but never catch me wearing jewelry
i’m not the person that used to be
i stopped doing things for others and figured out what i could do for me

never get distracted keep my focus like a camera
keep the good beats to myself and sell my throwaways to amateurs
got this shit all planned out
people asking me for handouts
but never talked to me back then when i was standing in the background

i’m walking over things i used to trip over
face to face with dreams, i’ve never been closer
i finally got control of my life, don’t need a remote
i can hear my heart pounding to the sound and the beat goes

[verse 2: mannycalifornia]

i postponed this shit for too long now i’m finally taking action
shits been 3 years in the making its ‘bout time i made it happen
anybody throwing shade just know i ain’t afraid to catch it
cause chances are you suck and probably throw like curtis jackson

didn’t wanna diss a legend
but that punchline was too perfect to not be put in that sentence

were losing jobs like macintosh
my raps are just an afterthought
old friends as real as santa clause
like astronauts, i’m blasting off
holy shit they think i’m sick, like my fucking spirit had to cough
if this is columbine i’m blasting jocks
leaving more holes than a round of golf

nobody here’s within my bracket
so none of this b-tches got me tripping like a thin tablet of acid
my presence when i’m rapping is so godd-mn fucking m-ssive
it’ll slow the rotation of this planet while it rotates on it’s axis

don’t take it from me tho
people still taking shots
deandre jordan with free throw
they tried to calm me down but it’s too late i’m going beast mode
i hear my heart pounding to the sound and the beat goes