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lirik lagu 3 door – marc jones


what you mean that you don’t know the movement
and with a big god how am i losing
there’s no way i could stop
don’t follow the flock

{verse 1}
what you mean that you don’t know
mic in my hand like solo
refusing my call that’s a no no
came from above like popo
can’t keep still like a photo
tryna bring hope to my post code
live this life like a promo
tryna make sure that they all know
everyone around me’s family
god that i serve like andy
last year you didn’t see my face, but this year i might just appear like stan lee
show love when their acting anti
just wanna be the best that i can be
more time i smile and wave but i still had a few cold days – ashanti
now i bring something different
london born yard man at heart like i came from kingston
back in the day i was reckless, now days i got more wisdom
keepin it all 4k cos i move mad clear with the vision, the futures near not distant

what you mean that you don’t know the movement
been clear from the drop
and with a big god how am i losing
there’s no way i could stop
i’m in a 3 door but i’m still cruising
don’t follow the flock
i don’t care what them man are doing
waste my life, nah don’t be stupid

[verse 2]
see me i just care about purpose
if i see a man’s on that
tell him roll up like i work for the circus
life ain’t a game you can play
it’s a little bit dark like perfect
sit in my house and i pray
i don’t wanna chase what’s worthless
show mad love for the crew
they already know what i’m on though
calm until i hit booth
then i get the rage on like rondo
dem man chat about proof
is that really the thing that they want though
if i see a man chat air
then it’s bait that i’m ending the convo
back from the dead no hiding
right now i feel real good like -rs-nal fans when they make some signings
this right here’s good timing
been 10 years in the making
might see me in your hood, and the whips not red, but it’s still called riding
no sleigh, but i bring good tidings
good news so your boys not lying