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lirik lagu #1 to infinity setlist – mariah carey


[act 1]
“vision of love”
“love takes time” (shortened)
“someday” (shortened)
“i don’t wanna cry” (shortened)
“i’ll be there” (with trey lorenz)

interlude: “anytime you need a friend (c&c club version)”

[act 2]

interlude: “hero reprise”

[act 3]
“fantasy (bad boy fantasy)”
“one sweet day” (with trey lorenz and daniel moore ii)
“always be my baby”

interlude 1: “always be my baby reprise / b*tterfly reprisе”
interlude 2: “honey” vidеo interlude

[act 4]
“honey” (with elements from the “bad boy remix”)
interlude: “guitar interlude”

[act 5]
“my all”

interlude: “heartbreaker” band instrumental interlude

[act 6]
“heartbreaker” (with elements from the “desert storm remix”)
“thank god i found you” (acoustic snippet)
“we belong together / don’t forget about us” (shortened)
“touch my body”

interlude: band introductions over “touch my body reprise”

“infinity” (shortened, replaced by “it’s like that” starting august 31, 2016)
outro: “it’s like that reprise” (starting august 31, 2016)