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lirik lagu stir it up – mario william vitale


he was unable to go far
without any sonar
while below stars
he looked up and said “h-llo mars”
as he held onto a crowbar
while walking past a sign that said mopar
he knew that everybody had their own scars
after a change in rhetoric
he would never quit
for the heck of it
after he got a better grip
during every trek and trip
no matter how harshly the weather hit
in this planet
he was thankful for the wisdom granted
and moved systematic
as he turned on every single switch of static
from a room inside a hidden attic
he had a sudden vision which was graphic
it was disturbing
but the first thing
he did was change his wording
then he continued searching
and working
as an earthling
with efforts focused on conserving
because it was sterling