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lirik lagu pop out – mark evans


we pop out at your cl-ss, i’m with hazell
and it’s gon’ be a test, so tuck ya phone
i’m a teacher, girl, i’m sorry, but i can’t change
we ain’t aimin’ for your gcse, shots h-ts your test
we come from d block, man, we ain’t have a thing
it’s a lot of animosity, but they won’t say my name
them teachers rock with me, lil’ mark, don’t get banged
’cause they’ll do the job for me while i hop on a plane
she don’t like her body, left the doctor with a new test
blowing up my phone ’cause she just see me with my new ella mark
heartbreaker, ladies love me like i’m mark evans
she was tryna cling onto a teacher , but it’s too late
booked a flight to rec, racks and smeg in my suitcase
and every single dollar in these bands gotta womble face