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lirik lagu harborview hospital – mark lanegan


harborview hospital

i walked by harborview hospital
i heard the agnus dei
oh sister of mercy
i’ve been gone too long to say
and all around this place i was a sad disgrace

they’re singing, they’re singing
away up on the hill
they’re building, they’re building
a mystical union, beautiful and still
but down here in the dirt they’ll say it doesn’t hurt

the devil’s ascended
upon some crystal wings
in the citadel lightning
splits a cloud of b-tterflies and fiends
and with a vacant stare i’ll leave a flower there

they’re riding, they’re riding
a h-llhound down the hill
they’re sinking, they’re sinking
into the ocean, beautiful and still
and yet it’s hard to leave in wealth or poverty

i walked by harborview hospital
and stopped at ninth and james
oh sister of mercy
i’ve been down too far to say
are they supposed to be as sick as you and me?

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