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lirik lagu 100’s w / taey – markeezy





brace yourself for destruction
that’s just how life goes
100 miles like i’m running
and i just keep on running
100 euros for a show
that’s a short term goal
100 euros for a shirt
that’s a nice long term goal
crip walking wearing red
no i’m not a pyru
pyrex here in moz
looked like an infestation
legit sh-t was the medicine
and the piracy went down
but that sh-t went back up
like crime going up and down
talking statistics
my crew didn’t release sh-t
your eyes looking at me with blame
you never felt my shame
of knowing that i’m staying behind
knowing that be can be great
my chinese eyes confront you
specially when i’m blazed
because i ain’t scared of a thing
that’s me on the blond mode on
i know taey from back in the day
some features came up in those days
but we never got to release it
my music you stream,why not lease it
my music a rari
my flows keep on spinnin
you know imma keep it a hunnit
you know imma give you the business
the money is my hoe
i’m ugk on a track with jay
this sh-t is big pimpin
g-ssed up like a frozy
you can’t smoke this this this
otherwise your tummy will explode
flip 2hunnit on this
like monopoly when i’m on the go
just give me that

just give me these hunnits
yeah yeah
just give me these hunnits
yeah yeah

[verse 2:taey]:

f-ck with me 3x
got a lot of problems yeah i know that sh-t
i stay on silence and i keep it real
me n markizzy, we the main deal
we don’t stress all we do is chill
try to stack some money, try to stack a mill
outchea striving wish i had a deal
flow sick as f-ck, imma need a pill
oh sh-t! since deep depression, eyes on me
n-gg- think i lost it that’s insanity
i like my bish yellow like it’s b-mblebee
even if she brown i like the pedigree
yeah f-ck with me
don’t be shy, i know you love the kid
specially when i talk like this
play with me, no relationships
i see you saying sh-t, i be on my piace
see you n-gg-s crawling, i been running sh-t
i just keep it hunnid with the organism
little push kush for the medicine
orthotwisted that’s dreamteam
i got gutty gutty on grillz bling
p-ssy, n-gg-, f-ck with him, get your, -ss kicked
i’m a thug n-gg- that’s real real
heard you got the crown that’s fake real
bro let’s keep it hunnid, you ain’t that big
you’s a rookie n-gg- not allowed here
it’s on point everytime i freethrow
real -ss n-gg-, i’m going to ball until i fall (wordup!)

just give me these hunnits
yeah yeah
just give me these hunnits
yeah yeah