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lirik lagu truck stop – markley


scratched water glass
food on my fork
from whoever ate before
straight off the floor
placed gently on my table
by a waitress weary dreary greasy pam
and the best steel*guitar in the land
on the jukebox

their plastic menus
with multiple selections
a few last minute
penciled in corrections
all that leaves is watered*down stew
and mine has a fly in it
and the best steel*guitar in the land
on the jukebox
truck stop
you heavy equipment mother*truckers!

i saw a fly stuck on some fly paper
about to die
and his eyes sent out a warning
to a c*ckroach in the hall
and i’m writing words on another bathroom wall
red the trucker and some others
gave us too hard a time
threw a chair and everything
we said “sit down, skinhead
you already impressed the waitress!”

rose rose
clipped b*tterfly goddess
rose rose
rose we look alike
rose rose i’m coming home to see you
do you stilllike bikers?
rose rose do you remember what it was like
when we worked together?
do you remember the steam on the windows
warm sweat on our bodies
truck stop
eating a plate full of all this hog*slop