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lirik lagu montage – marlon dubois


shed life feels different here
wake up at night and i can’t see clear
it goes by faster every year
new theory coming so soon
i feel like oghu
creepin’ in the swamp i’m a goblin
shed theory montage you just have to watch it
your theory’s nonsense, mines true regardless
you don’t know the concept, the shed is honest
when i get the shed theory ring i’ll get it polished
try to step to me and watch your theory get abolished
i feel like henry when i’m in the office
i feel emerson i feel like a martian
i feel like chase cause’ i feel like a burden
i feel like cake when i wear the matching turban
i feel like eli, i’m a similar person
i feel like dugan, johnny crypto ferguson
i feel like i’m joeyy when i put on the fitted
i feel like emmett but i forgot the reason
i feel so hazy but i know that i am gifted
i feel like i’m facy i got so much unreleased sh*t
i don’t even know why but sometimes i think i’m riggs
i feel like i’m b9, i am such a savage
shed in my veins, i don’t know what the problem is
i feel like i’m bicflame, but i don’t live in providence
if i make a mistake, then i lose all my confidence
i feel like i’m miles, maybe that’s just cause’ i look like him
i feel like i’m isaiah, up early workin’
ron sesame, i write the name in cursive
i feel like chup, i don’t write my verses
rip to a theory, hope you make it to the service
i feel like atticus, but you really don’t know him
my mind feels blurry, cause’ i lost my focus