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lirik lagu 1.cant808 (u n me) – marqer


[verse 1]
i’ll change
if that’s all that you want
i’m just my sp*ce
count times that you’ve gone
n you in my face
always talkin bout all my wrongs
but i was never actin like i was the saint of laurent

[verse 2]
i’m goin straight to the top
ain’t finna stop if u not
if u ain’t vibin wit my vision get the f*ck out my spot
n get the f*ck out my sight
because u always been talk
n i be watchin where i step
cuz i look down when i walk

u n me
it’s all we need
i wish you could see
last forever
never ever
cuz that’s make believe
u n me
that’s all we need
i wish you could see
she hates me maybe
like baby savе me
cuz it’s hurtin me