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lirik lagu 11,000 volts – mars (no wave)


11,000 volts and you break down
have your breakdown

[verse 1]
this bible surrounds, yeah, it’s too clear
lie on the floor and reappear

[verse 2]
turn to the yard where the door is locked
then summon your forgetful heart
when i put you together
and take it apart

[verse 3]
looking, gathered
i took it and i gathered
yeah, i did that, and i did that
and i gathered

[verse 4]
now summon your love
dirty clothes, a letter ripped
you’ll never have a
letter ripped up in
11,000 volts and you brеak down
have your breakdown

[verse 5]
turn your face down on your hеart
when i put you together and
then take apart

[verse 6]
you’re lucky now
and i’m lucky, okay
do you have a break?
do you have

they will never