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lirik lagu passing through – marshall crenshaw


in our old shoes, we walked last night
sparkling concrete under the lights
traffic sounds, bouncing off the steel and gl-ss
we traced our steps from the past

shadows in the curtains on the second floor
i used to have a key to that front door
we didn’t know it then
but you and i were just p-ssing through
p-ssing by

let’s hurry on
no use standing and staring, hurry on
i thought i heard you say, let’s walk on
we really can’t stay
we’re just p-ssing through this way

this world is moving and changing always
we’d better be about new days
for as long as we may, we’re just p-ssing through
just p-ssing through this way

in our old shoes we walked last night
ghosts of old friends on the left and right
being there with you gave me a thrill
like it used to do and always will

we’ve got dreams to dream, places left to go
when we’ll be back there, i don’t know
maybe sometime before we’re done
on some other trip around the sun