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lirik lagu 11.9 fm – maru nara


[текст песни “11.9 fm”]

[куплет 1: maru nara]
gray day gives me the feeling of my own
great play see it in a theater alone
g o n z y x nara mane
blessed by the sunset son
we remain interested

aiming for nun’ but the best
them raps big like everest (sh*t)
walking through the street being lost in our miracles
feeling like ghosts in a living room
beats plus syllables

in the mist when the spirit comes
sending them vibes original
steel gone digital (uh)
call it hologram razors
cutting bullsh*t like lasers

we’re just making our time
this sub made me feel sublime
feels like it never seemed so fine
fm 11.9 (is the radio)

[куплет 2: gonzy]