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tilted - marvenkmusic lyrics


(yeah, yeah)

i’m gon light up like a motha f*cking screen
i’m playing 2k and i got green machine
taking fl!cks of my homie like paparazzi
it’s getting hard to breath feel like i’m in submarine
i always smell good i got good hygiene
b*tch don’t understand me, is you f*cking 15?

b*tches actin 30 like nah hoe u is nifty
hoe trynna link back up im switchin cities
and i sin h*lla times prayin god forgive me
feelin like baby gronk cause b*tch im rizzin livy
one hit off the joint like b*tch im feelin dizzy
man im too middle weight call me izzy
if too many people landin tilted we go shifty
always want a foot job but the hoes is always busy

b*tch you running out of time the clock is getting ticky
don’t talk behind me cause i got ears just like
if not shifty then we go f*cking misty
we go misty

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