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lirik lagu 18 – masethemessiah


turned 18 when it happened to me
on the same team but n*gga you was jealous of me
never know what goes on behind closed doors
a house full of cold wars
well why it couldn’t hurt more?
late nights when i grieve more
a bl**dy fist knocking at the door
know that prayers work
i’m writing down some more
told my n*ggas wake up allah on his way
can’t pack no bags already running late
i put my past in a bag and burnt it at the stake
all my role models grew up and they went astray
i’m sorry mom when i ran away
i’m sorry granny when i came home late
got 9 bullets in this thang and it’s gone keep me safe
just in case a p*ssy n*gga hop up out his lane
these n*ggas hate me on the low but i don’t pay attention
my cuddie got up out the box and he went straight to whipping
asked me for a band and turned it to a couple digits
i asked em how he did it
i asked em how he did it
asked em how he did it
i hit the road with em