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lirik lagu new york city – matt alber


[verse 1]
when you first get to new york city
you can’t help but feel the music in your feet
yes, even underneath skyscr-pers
it goes tearin’ through the ground up through the street
while they may prefer you not to stay too long
or hang around too long
taking pictures of them living their lives
the new york city people
will be glad to share the music for a while

[verse 2]
when i first came to new york city
i was on my way to moscow with the choir
but, at fifteen, i was forgetful
left my papers in st. louis
how the fates, they do conspire

[verse 3]
with my handsome chaperone to lead me there
he took me to times square
while the choir did fly to moscow
who cares, now that i am here?
oh, let them go, i’ll stay another year
in new york city
where the boys look back when you smile
oh, let me stay here for a little while
here in new york city

[verse 4]
and, if you go to new york city
don’t forget to bring her something in return
she may have mountains like no other
but she’s got ruins where the stars forget to burn
and, while she may not give you everything you ask
she’ll give you what she can
she’s busy holdin’ fast
singin’ to the dreamers who keep landin’ on her sh-r-s
and to the ones still sleeping on her subway floors
and does she always seem to have her own go on board [?]
here in new york city